Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I just saw Kris Kelvin's new creation!! His new scene is wonderful! Those classic cars are very realistic! Love'it!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lancer Evo X

Ralph Savelsberg(Mad Physicist) is famous with his aircraft building and also 10-wide legoland scaled cars.

However, he builds awesome large scaled car as well! First was the Dodge Viper, and now this white Lancer...

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Oh, it is sweet

wunztwice shows his love by the artistic LEGO way! The rose looks very realistic!

Oh... It is sweet......
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Friday, April 24, 2009

What can you do with 6-wide?

Shelby Cobra Concept Car

As the head title, what can you do with 6-wide? A vignette? Well, Sterling Knight shows us that he can build a very realistic Shelby Cobra... I definite love the overall design of his MOC, it looks so so close to the real one! Vrummm....

Pirate Advent Calendar Is out!!

Thanks to the Flickr user benlego, who shows us the 2009 pirate advent calendar~!

I just love the little raft with an old man on it and the sawfish. Just can't wait to see it in more detail!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nnenn posted a very nice police space ship...

Firas is going to impress us again!

Ford GT front by Firas Abu-Jaber.

With the LUGNuts 18th Challenge, Firas posted this latest MOC - The Ford GT! Those details are fantastic. You should not miss this car master!

See more of it at MOCPages

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My MOC-Ferrari F512M

The latest addition to my supercar garage -- the rarest model in the Testarossa Series! The F512M. According to the information, only 500 of this beauty was produced!

It shares also most parts from the elder brother - 512TR. However, the iconic flip up headlight of the 512TR and Testarossa is being replaced by a new integrated headlight. Being the successor of the 512TR, Ferrari did some minor modification and the result is 12 more hp from the 512TR, which top up the hp to a massive 440hp! With this increment of the engine power, the 512 may reach a top speed of 195mph and shoot into 100kn/h under 5sec [4.7sec in precise].Besides ,this 512 is the last generation of the Ferrari Flat engine series. Ferrari introduce a new V12 to it's successor which ends the F12 legend here.

The interior remains unchanged but a new steering wheel ,adjustable pedals were included, metal gear knob were included.

For my version of F512M, it is a race version instead of the normal F512M. The second seat is removed and replaced by a roll cage, which maximized it's chassis strength and reduce some weight.

The main challenge of this car was the opening mechanism of the boot. However, I found a really genius design which enable the panel to open up smoothly. The technique is invented by Sven Bode

All the functioning element. I try to pack as much detail as possible to this car~

The front view. The credit of the headlight goes to Firas. He shows me some really fantastic technique to build it!

Rear, tilted. The rectangular light is replaced by the traditional Ferrari light-double round.

Interior. 1/3 of the dashboard is chopped to place the roll cage:

Engine bay. I know that the beam stretching through the cover is ugly, but without that brick, the entire structure of the boot it too weak. Very sorry about that.

F12 Engine is unloaded.

Overall from engine bay to the interior

Well, some may ask me:"What is the difference between with and without the roll cage?"
Well, here I show you a small experiment:
I flip my car:

This is what happen without roll cage[the roof crumbled]

This is what happen with roll cage[the roof still intacted!]

Image Gallery
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Visit the full gallery here:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bluud_s01 + LMV

Cole Blaq Had just unveil his new little blue spaceship. It looks pretty well from the color and overall shape! I like it. Yes, it is true.

Besides, chandlerparker also show us that small car can be packed with tons of details too.Prove:

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Mustang 3/4 tilt by Tek F.
Tek F reveals his new classic Mustang around Flickr, which really show his ability to create great SNOT skill. The way he builds rear light truly out of my imagination. This is the best 8 wide Mustang I had seen so far...

Leaks in somewhere else...

Brickshelf user Kanal-K1 posted up more review pictures on the second quarter set.
Click on the image to see it on more detail!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Φrion 02

Φrion 02 by brainbike.rider.
I'm impressed when i see this starfighter! Brainbike.rider uses 1x1 round bricks and a couple of 1x2 slope + 1x2 inverted slope to create the curve of the fighter!

Truck and Town!

Scania R340 Topline

Lasse Deleuran had just published his Scania truck. I must say that he pack all the tiniest detail into his truck and it is truly a masterpiece! I think this is the best truck that I had seen so far!


BTW, Aliencat had created a fantastic Black Fantasy MOC.
Scania R340 Topline

and don't forget to checkout the underground view that a power miner is taking a cup of drink with the Meltrox!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fantastic MOCs everywhere!

"High Ground"

With the skill come along with Commander Fed, he builds a giant destroyer warship for his E.O.S fraction. With the present of those blue bits around the warship, it looks more powerful that I thought! Those movable turrets on top of the ship
are just too fantastic and really out of my expectation!

Château de Caprèshèr
Unbelievable that JD Luse created this fantastic castle! There are many tiny details around this scene! What? You can't see it? Ok, there is a hint... Like a nest? Or do you see that little duck? :D

Evolution of the Ice Planet!

Ice Planet 2002 - Dart by Uspez Morbo.

Uspez Morbo has just created a new Ice Planet starfighter! With the new slopes and curves, it looks far more better than the oldie one! Be sure that you see the cockpit design before you leave! It is purely genius design!

Ice Planet 2002 - Dart Cockpit by Uspez Morbo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nice kitchen!

Love is... ...accepting he's a zombie by _Matn.

Flickr user Matn had just made a awesome kitchen vig! The woman just try to serve her'zombied' husband with flesh and blood[perhaps?] Well, I just love how he make the basin and stove! NICE one!


New to blog!

Hi everyone! This is a new blog that will be soon blogging all your fantastic MOC soon!
Especially those car lovers! Why? because this blog will be focusing on good car MOC and other fantastic theme, such as Vic Viper, steam punk, Castle and more!