Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My MOC-Ferrari F512M

The latest addition to my supercar garage -- the rarest model in the Testarossa Series! The F512M. According to the information, only 500 of this beauty was produced!

It shares also most parts from the elder brother - 512TR. However, the iconic flip up headlight of the 512TR and Testarossa is being replaced by a new integrated headlight. Being the successor of the 512TR, Ferrari did some minor modification and the result is 12 more hp from the 512TR, which top up the hp to a massive 440hp! With this increment of the engine power, the 512 may reach a top speed of 195mph and shoot into 100kn/h under 5sec [4.7sec in precise].Besides ,this 512 is the last generation of the Ferrari Flat engine series. Ferrari introduce a new V12 to it's successor which ends the F12 legend here.

The interior remains unchanged but a new steering wheel ,adjustable pedals were included, metal gear knob were included.

For my version of F512M, it is a race version instead of the normal F512M. The second seat is removed and replaced by a roll cage, which maximized it's chassis strength and reduce some weight.

The main challenge of this car was the opening mechanism of the boot. However, I found a really genius design which enable the panel to open up smoothly. The technique is invented by Sven Bode

All the functioning element. I try to pack as much detail as possible to this car~

The front view. The credit of the headlight goes to Firas. He shows me some really fantastic technique to build it!

Rear, tilted. The rectangular light is replaced by the traditional Ferrari light-double round.

Interior. 1/3 of the dashboard is chopped to place the roll cage:

Engine bay. I know that the beam stretching through the cover is ugly, but without that brick, the entire structure of the boot it too weak. Very sorry about that.

F12 Engine is unloaded.

Overall from engine bay to the interior

Well, some may ask me:"What is the difference between with and without the roll cage?"
Well, here I show you a small experiment:
I flip my car:

This is what happen without roll cage[the roof crumbled]

This is what happen with roll cage[the roof still intacted!]

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  1. Very nice creation! Love all the removable part, the rollcage, the amount of details, well done^^