Saturday, May 30, 2009


Phong Chang had just built another awesome mech which can make a handstand. That require a incredible work on balancing the whole mech! This Philipino Builder is a true genius on building mech!

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    Salvation can do it too, but not in a cool pose. Thanks for the blog!
    PS: Your name/URL system is busted. It's really dificult to get your name in. I had to keep clicking and posting ech letter at a time.

  2. ya i know... wut i did was i pasted the url in the google search bar then dragged it down phong!!!

  3. hey phong just keeps on getting better...hey kin would u checj out this moc i made:

  4. Its pretty good, but his mech does a hand stand on a flat peice. mine does not:

  5. @Ryan M.
    I checked your creation. Well, your creation is very well done. Just keep building, I'm sure that one day your creation will be fantastic enough to be blogged!

  6. ok thnx... ya i know its not good enough... but i have some new creations thst are really good... just... i cant put them on cuz my camera broke and im getting so inpatient i have to wait till friday to put it on most likely! so just wait for THAT creation... its name is not chosen yet...