Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4x4 Pick-up truck

4x4 Pick-up truck, originally uploaded by Aleksander Stein.

A very good truck to spice up my breakfast! Yummy!


  1. that is really great! hey kin... i have built a new mecha but i have not posted it yet due to a broken camera... but i almost garuntee itl be posted by the end of this week (most likely friday) and this time its like way better than my other mecha... the other one was not blogworthy... this one might be... il wait to see the result... who knows... only time will tell... p.s. do u have am mocpages?

  2. what so you mean by
    "do u have am mocpages?"

    You mean that do I have a account on Mocpages?
    If so, yes, I owned a account on Mocpages. You can click the link on the side bar [My webs?] to access to my pages. Feel free to visit it when you want!